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108 Pages
Publication date: December 2016
Imprint: Ecowin
Friedrich Orter

Wake Up!

Europe and the New World Order. A Polemic

Leading Austrian journalist Friedrich Orter examines the current state of Europe and explains why freedom, prosperity and the social order that is underpinned by democratic freedom are all at risk. He says there is only one way to turn the tide: finally waking Europe from its slumber with a permanent flow of information.

The bestselling author paints a dark picture of our times. Mass migration threatens to spark religious wars between Muslims and non-Muslims, mainstream society is at risk of being replaced by parallel societies, solidarity and tolerance are evaporating, radicalisation is becoming commonplace, and political and social consensus is crumbling.

Friedrich Orter gives a frank description of the present state of affairs and puts forward his ideas on how our continent and the rest of the world can achieve a stable future. Europe has to wake up and build what Churchill called for 70 years ago: a United States of Europe.


»A kind of one-man CNN.«
Paul Lendvai

»Just as in his television reporting, Orter’s writing reveals him to be a skilful chronicler of our times with a social conscience and humanitarian agenda, far removed from the quest for sound bites.«
Der Standard


Friedrich Orter

Friedrich Orter, born in 1949, reported for the ORF, the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, from 14 wars and was frequently posted to the Near and Middle East – Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria. His last foreign assignment lead him into the civil war in Syria. After his return, Orter ended his career at the ORF. That same year, he received a lifetime award for his work at the »Journalist of the Year«-Awards.

Today, Friedrich Orter lives in Vienna and works as a freelance journalist and author.