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256 Pages
Publication date: September 2004
Imprint: Ecowin
Thomas Müller

Human Beast

Disguise – Lie – Strategy

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Do you think you would be capable of recognizing the lies and strategies of evil? Can we assume that we’re never going to encounter a human beast?

But we do encounter them on a daily basis, because we are unable to recognize their disguises and lull ourselves in a false sense of security believing that evil is far away. »There are some among us who live in rooms of experience we can never enter,« Nobel Prize laureate John Steinbeck writes.

And yet: They disguise themselves as people sharing the same rooms of experience. Accompany a man who has been learning about lies, disguise and deception from actual experts for years. This is not a bedtime story book. It’s not a shocking novel – it’s reality!


Thomas Müller

Dr. Thomas Müller is Europe’s leading criminal psychologist. Born in Tyrol, he gained popular prominence with his contributions to solving of the most spectacular serial killings of our times. Dr. Müller interviews serial killers in maximum security units in order to understand their worlds of experience and the unfathomable depths of human nature, thereby making it possible for future murders to be solved better and faster.

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