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218 Pages
Publication date: October 2019
Imprint: Ecowin
Gernot Schweizer

Get Moving

A Plea for a Healthy Society


Sitting down makes you sick. So far, so well-known. Doctors and therapists have been drawing a gloomy picture of a society of sick adults for years. Sick because passivity in childhood creates the basis for problems with the locomotor system and a number of diseases. All warnings have been in vain. We are facing a societal disaster.

Prolapsed disks, issues with joints of all kinds were—and partially they still are—considered a phenomenon of old age. But in practice we observe a different picture. People under 30 are filling the waiting rooms of doctor’s offices and therapeutic facilities. For years, there have been warnings about what a lack of exercise can do to the individual and ultimately to the healthcare system. Now this dark prophecy has fulfilled itself. And the time to discuss the entire array of topics anew and to take action is now.


Gernot Schweizer

Gernot Schweizer, born in Esslingen am Neckar, Germany, in 1966, is the owner of Schweizer Therapy & Training, and the interdisciplinary coordinator for movement of the Austrian government. He is the physiotherapist and fitness coach of Marcel Hirscher, one of the most successfull austrian ski athletes, and others. Gernot Schweizer lives and works in Salzburg.