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160 Pages
Publication date: October 2016
Imprint: Ecowin
Van Bo Le-Mentzel

The Little Professor

34 Things My Son Has Taught Me About Life, Love and the World

Children change every aspect of their parents’ lives. They make them laugh and cry. Children are constantly learning new things with their incessant, no-nonsense questioning. This fascinated Van Bo Le-Mentzel when he observed his own son. So he started learning from the Little Professor.

He knew immediately that this little person would teach him more about life than some weighty text books ever could. His son gave him some totally new insights into the workings of the human body, how we live together in society, the principles of economics and science, and the great secret of the universe.

With his approachable style, Van Bo Le-Mentzel succeeds in developing fascinating ideas and uncovering astonishing connections. THE LITTLE PROFESSOR doesn’t just ask questions that adults often can’t answer. There are also questions that make everyone stop and think.


»Van Bo Le-Mentzel is an expert communicator and great optimist. The architect and former hip-hop rapper from the Wedding area of Berlin sets out to embolden and enrich the world around him.«


Van Bo Le-Mentzel

Van Bo Le-Mentzel was born in Laos in 1977, and his family moved to Germany in 1979. He has been a rapper and graffiti artist and studied architecture at Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. Van Bo Le-Mentzel is a popular public speaker and inspires others with his innovative ideas. He lives with his family in Berlin.