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192 Pages
Publication date: October 2013
Imprint: Ecowin
Andreas Salcher

Know Yourself And Don't Be Scared

Almost four hundred years ago, the Jesuit Balthasar Gracián published his mysterious work entitled The Art of Worldly Wisdom. The worldly wisdoms it contains are of great value to those who know how to decrypt them.

Best-selling author Andreas Salcher combines this knowledge, thus far only accessible to a few, with the current state of scientific knowledge. He invites you on a journey to self-recognition and shows how each of us can use the Jesuits’ wisdom in our daily lives and lead a better life by doing so: – How to choose friends – How to deal with enemies – The dilemma of emotion versus reason – Seizing the moment – Waiting patiently or act decisively? – The art of being lucky.


»Those who step in front of the mirror to change have already changed.«


Andreas Salcher

Andreas Salcher is a management consultant and pioneering thinker on educational issues. He is one of Austria’s most successful non-fiction writers and co-founder of the Sir Karl Popper School for gifted children in Vienna.
In 2004 Salcher initiated the Waldzell Meetings at Melk Abbey in Lower Austria, which were attended by eight Nobel Prize winners including the Dalai Lama.