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200 Pages
Publication date: May 2018
Imprint: Pantauro
Susi Mai

Against The Wind

As no one has done before her, Susi Mai has linked the aesthetics of kiteboarding with entrepreneurship – fun and business. Alongside Richard Branson, Sylvia Earl and James Cameron, she is committed to saving the oceans, and together with venture capitalist and former Twitter investor Bill Tai, she founded her first NGS – MaiTai, which evolved into the new networking Mecca of the tech scene. But that was only the beginning of what is to expect of her.

Although the cards weren’t always stacked in her favour, Susi Mai has learnt one thing: with the right attitude, you can make the best out of every situation. In this book, she shows that more than ever, women can take control of their lives to overcome obstacles – whether private or professional – to reach their goals and to make dreams come true.


»Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.«
Sir Winston Churchill


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Susi Mai

Susi Mai, born in 1984, is the one of the fi rst female Red Bull athletes and a kiteboarding legend. She won the Red Bull King of the Air thrice and came second in the Kitesurf World Cup in 2009.