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228 Pages
Publication date: February 2011
Imprint: Ecowin
Rudolf Taschner

Justince Wins – But Only In The Movies

After all, what’s fair anyway? The place we’re born? Our heritage? Our genes, which seem to be playing destiny? A coincidence that saves us from misfortune, or makes us a millionaire over night? Aren’t we all equal?

»There is no justice!,« yell the sad, hopeless realists. »It’s a beautiful illusion that lets us hope and create,« say the others.

Rudolf Taschner isn’t going to deliver an arbitration on justice, he isn’t going to give a carte blanche to prejudice, nor issue a decree on money, law, history and conscience. But he will make you feel that luck doesn’t depend on how big your share of the cake is.


Rudolf Taschner

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Taschner, born in Ternitz in 1953, studied Mathematics and Physics at the University of Vienna. In 1977, he began working at the TU Wien, where, after a brief tenure at Stanford University, he continues to work as a professor until today. Together with his wife and colleagues at the TU Wien, Rudolf Taschner founded and operates »«, an event venue in the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna, which presents mathematics as a cultural achievement and which has garnered great acclaim as a highly innovative institution both in Austria and abroad. In 2004, Rudolf Taschner was elected »Scientist of the Year«.