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Publication date: August 2019
Imprint: Ecowin
Jochen Stadler

Good Dog, Bad Dog

A Guidebook for Pack Leaders


Why do dogs sometimes bite their best friend, their human? Are there dangerous dog breeds? Do dogs need dominant leaders? How do I get a dog that is kind to humans, good-natured, well-balanced?

Dog bites child, dog injures police officer, dog kills deer—these are the headlines in newspapers and social media. The good reputation of the faithful companions that have been living side by side with humans for tens of thousands of years is under threat. Unjustly so, because the problem usually lies, as the author shows, with the ones on two legs and not at the other end of the leash. People have forgotten how to treat animals, they ignore the signals they give, and think they have to control them with acts of dominance. But behavioral scientists know more than ever about how dogs work, how you can teach them in a positive manner and break annoying or even dangerous habits.

»It is a nonsense what dog whisperer Cresar Millan says about dominance of dogs versus children: Namely, that children should gain respect for dogs and mime the alpha animal. Sorry, Mr Millan: Not even the shyest dwarf chihuahua accepts a diaper shitter ans an alpha dog. «
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Jochen Stadler

Jochen Stadler is a biologist, dog trainer and science journalist who writes for the Austria Press Agency, the weekly magazine profil and for heureka!, the science magazine of the Viennese city newspaper Falter. He worked for an Austrian Dog Water Rescue Association with dogs of different breeds and trains his Flat-coated Retriever bitch Kleo as a rescue dog in the water and on land.

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