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240 Pages
Publication date: September 2016
Imprint: Ecowin
Martin Moder Mandy Fischer

A Molecule Goes Into a Bar...

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Can fruit flies that have had their brains removed save lives? This is just one of the crucial questions addressed by European Science Slam champion Martin Moder in his entertaining exploration of the fascinating world of human and animal biology and genetics.

How did life start? Why is the use of animals for model organisms so important? How can you breed scary chickens? What impact do genes have on our love lives? What are the most amazing diseases? Why should anti-ageing fanatics have themselves sewn together with someone else?

A multitude of questions to which science can provide some unexpected answers. Discoveries that put our understanding of the world and our place in it to the test. In his unique and inimitable style, Martin Moder shows that science has something fascinating to tell us about virtually every aspect of life. Funny and entertaining, and peppered with illuminating and often extraordinary examples, the author guides us through a diverse range of topics, explaining for instance why fruit flies are not so different to human beings and the part they can play in treating illnesses.


»A MOLECULE GOES INTO A BAR… makes the reader laugh and wonder on the very first page. Rarely has evolution been so easy to understand as when Moder explains it using the example of the procreation-happy Genghis Khan, or describes the right way to cuddle according to science.«
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Martin Moder

Martin Moder is a molecular biologist at the Research Center for Molecular Medicine in Vienna. In 2014 he won the first European Science Slam for his talk entitled »Fighting cancer with brain-dead fruit flies«.
He is a member of the Science Busters, Society for Critical Thinking and runs a science blog called GENau.