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64 Pages
Publication date: May 2017
Imprint: Ecowin
Daniel Häni Philip Kovce

What Would You Do If Your Income Were Taken Care Off?

A Manifesto on Basic Income

Everybody is talking about the unconditional basic income because it is raising the right questions. Couldn’t we develop our talents much better if our livelihoods were unconditionally guaranteed? How would society change if each individual was financially independent? And last but not least, how do we want to live and work together in the digital age?

This manifesto introduces the idea of the unconditional basic income using 95 statements – with accurate insights and surprising stories.

»The key questions raised by the basic income are: What do I really want to do? How do I want to work? And who for? If we ask ourselves what we are actually doing and what we want to achieve in the world, then we gain freedom from incorrectly feeling dependent, and can commit to engagements freely. Whoever determines their own destiny is neither dependent on others to determine it on their behalf, nor is involved in determining the destiny of others.«


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Daniel Häni

Daniel Häni, born in 1966, is an entrepreneur, co-founder of the Basel cultural coffee house »unternehmen mitte« and co-initiator of the Swiss campaign for a referendum »Für ein bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen« (for unconditional basic income).

Philip Kovce

Philip Kovce, born in 1986, is a philosopher, publicist and co-founder of the Berlin-based »Bürgerinitiative bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen« (citizens‘ initiative for unconditional basic income). He is a researcher at the »Philosophicum« in Basel and is a member of »Think Tank 30« of the Club of Rome.

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